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How to choose a good open water instructor?

Finding an Open Water instructor in Houston is not very simple. For the most part we do not choose our dive professional or instructor. It is our dive operation that is assigns the instructor to us. Often times people have no idea who is their Open Water instructor before the first day of class. 

The over all personality, experience,  teaching ability, and the dedication of your dive instructor will directly set the way for a life time of adventures. Bad experiences cause divers to leave and abandon the sport early. 

The first and most obvious step in choosing your instructor is talking to people that have taken the Open Water course. Social media is also a tool that you can use to find your instructor. 

After you have some recommendations take the time to speak to your instructor either by phone or in person. As as many questions as possible and assess their responses. Take a note whether they are enthusiastic or not. Does the instructor care about you? Are they easing doubts that you might have?. Don’t be shy ask your dive operation to observe a class. 

How do you judge if the instructor is professional or not?

  1. Student divers work as a buddy team.
  2. Instructor allows students to work independently. 
  3. The instructor is present and ready to assist when the students are in the water.
  4. Are the students to repeat life saving skills frequently?
  5. Communication is done in a clear language appropriate to the level of the diver.
  6. Take a look at the students face: Do they seem to understand and communicate genually?
  7. Lastly, take a not if the instructor is encouraging and positive. The dive professional should never chritsize, ignore or blame anyone. As professionals SCUBA instructors we are prepared to answer questions. 

Lastly, you want to make sure that your instructor is current. The best instructors in the industry have teaching experience but also real diving experience. Do not be afraid to ask your instructor what other qualifications he has.

At Gulf Coast Scuba we value our instructors. All of us have years of diving experience and teaching. Come visit us!

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